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Correction device for trucks with tachographs

Correction device for trucks with tachographs, Correction of trucks with tachographs | Speed Auto Company

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Very often, our customers have a need to calibrate a speedometer of their trucks, buses or tractors. Especially for them, we have an absolutely new unique design – an odometer correction device for trucks that also calibrates MAN, HYUNDAY speedometers and so on. Our special correction device for trucks works on all kinds of special vehicles and is suitable for all foreign heavy-duty cars (correction of IVECO, ISUZU, HYUNDAY, MERCEDES etc.)..

We are the manufacturers of this equipment! Therefore, the devices are always available, both at retail and at wholesale. For all the details, ask our consultant.
Do you need an odometer calibration tool for a tow car or a dump truck? – You are on the right track! Our device will easily increase the mileage of your vehicle just in a matter of minutes!
Our company serves even more trucks now. You can see a full list of car makes in the table.

The device supports the following car makes

Correction device for trucks BAW Correction device for trucks DAF Correction device for trucks Ford Correction device for trucks Foton Correction device for trucks Hyundai
Correction device for trucks ISUZU Correction device for trucks IVECO Correction device for trucks MAN Correction device for trucks Mercedes-Benz Correction device for trucks Mitsubishi
Correction device for trucks SCANIA Correction device for trucks Volkswagen Correction device for trucks Volvo
If you have not found your car make, please contact the manager with the specification of its presence in Section Ask Your Question
Please, fill out the order form to make the order and soon our managers will contact you!


  • The device is quite miniature and completely removable;
  • The odometer calibration device is compatible with trucks 12V/24V;
  • The device works with all types of tachographs, which can be installed in the vehicles;
  • The data of mileage change simultaneously im all the memory units of the car, so that later you cannot find out that the mileage was swindled;
  • During the operation of the calibration device, no interventions into the auto electronic system occur.

If odometer adjusting is a relevant question for you and you need to correct a truck speedometer, you are on the right page.

Please, fill out the order form to make the order and soon our managers will contact you!
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