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Is mileage correction legal?

People have a myth that mileage correction is illegal. We draw your attention to the fact that it is just a myth. Actually, mileage correction (resetting, rolling-up speedometer values) is completely legitimate in some countries, as this issue is highly personal for car owners and is not regulated by any legislation. Mileage correction is prohibited only in Germany, USA, Japan, etc.

Purchasing our device for speedometer correction, the buyer shall clarify himself whether mileage correction is legal in the country of his residence. Our company is not responsible if odometer correction is illegal in your country.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, mileage adjustment is legitimate.

Although, this issue surely has a certain moral aspect, for example, when a car owner, having tampered with speedometer (odometer), passes off its values as the real mileage for a potential buyer. But even in this case, from the legislative point of view, there is no evidence of fraud, and any qualified lawyer can confirm it to you!

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