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Pulse Odometer Correction Speed Generator

Pulse Odometer Correction Speed Generator, Pulse odometer rolling forward device, Pulse carrier speedometer | Speed Auto Company

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If you became a visitor of this page, most likely, you got interested in odometer correction of the cars released till 2005. Our experts are always happy to help you in resolving this issue. For them, mileage correction is an ordinary task. We know exactly how to improve the mileage quickly and easily! Having bought our odometer correction speed generator, you will be able to roll up the right amount of miles at any time.

We are the manufacturers of this equipment! Therefore, the devices are always available, both at retail and at wholesale. For all the details, ask our consultant.
Odometer pulse generator is designed specifically for the owners of cars released before 2006, which require odometer calibration.
Our company serves even more automobile now. You can see a full list of car makes in the table.

The device supports the following car makes

Pulse Odometer Correction Audi Pulse Odometer Correction BMW Pulse Odometer Correction Cadillac Pulse Odometer Correction Chevrolet Pulse Odometer Correction Citroen
Pulse Odometer Correction Daewoo Pulse Odometer Correction FIAT Pulse Odometer Correction Ford Pulse Odometer Correction Honda Pulse Odometer Correction Hyundai
Pulse Odometer Correction Infiniti Pulse Odometer Correction KIA Pulse Odometer Correction Land Range Rover Pulse Odometer Correction Lexus (Лексус) Pulse Odometer Correction Mazda (Мазда)
Pulse Odometer Correction Mercedes-Benz (Мерседес-Бенц) Pulse Odometer Correction Mitsubishi Pulse Odometer Correction Nissan Pulse Odometer Correction Opel Pulse Odometer Correction Peugeot
Pulse Odometer Correction Renault Pulse Odometer Correction Skoda Pulse Odometer Correction Ssang Yong Pulse Odometer Correction Suzuki Pulse Odometer Correction Toyota
Pulse Odometer Correction Volkswagen Pulse Odometer Correction Volvo
If you have not found your car make, please contact the manager with the specification of its presence in Section Ask Your Question
Please, fill out the order form to make the order and soon our managers will contact you!

We offer to buy a generator for speedometer correction. Our generator is a device that allows you to wind additional miles on the odometer by artificial means, that is, when a car is stationary, the odometer is rolling up the mileage.


This device is similar to a car charger in size. The calibrating device is connected to the cigarette lighter, but the wire extended from the device should be connected to the pulse wire. To find the pulse wire you should remove the instrument panel, bring out (or lengthen) this wire, then connect it to our device. Thus, the speed generator will get power supply from the cigarette lighter, generate rate pulses and send them to the speedometer (odometer), as well as to all duplicate units. After using our device when passing vehicle inspection it will be impossible to find out the fact of artificial change of the mileage. The wind-up speed is to 200 km/h. More detailed instructions (with the indication of the necessary wire color for each make and car model) are sent along with the device. It is not required to be an auto-electrician to connect the speed generator, as the device is connected extremely simply.


Before answering to this question, it is worth noting, that the velocity transducers installed in the vehicles, operate based on Hall effect that is essentially transformation of mechanical movement into electric pulses having a certain frequency and duration. By the way, duration and frequency are proportional directly to mechanical movement speed of the car. Next, these electric pulses are transmitted via N-pin connector to the speedometer scheme where they are processed. The offered pulse generator for odometer correction, even if the vehicle stands still generates electric pulses and transmits them to the speedometer. The pulses generated by our device and ones generated by the car speed sensor are absolutely identical. Thus, the pulse generator imitates the work of the automobile speed sensor.

Car owners very often contact us with a question: Will this pulse generator work on their car of a certain model and make? In this regard, it would require of putting some clarity into it beforehand: inner elements of all speed generators are similar. Pulse generators work on all the cars where the speedometer gets information from the Hall sensor, in other words from the speed sensor.


  • Just compensation of costs for fuels and lubricants;
  • Replacement of the old dashboard with a new one;
  • Mileage data failure;
  • Etc.

Just compensation of costs for fuels and lubricants

  1. Apply a Car service center for winding the mileage;;
  2. Buy a speed generator, or as it is also called a pulse generator, to turn up the speedometer. Then you will be able to calibrate the speedometer to the necessary level without anybody’s help in any place and at any time, and for this, you will not have to apply a specialist on this issue.

If you need an odometer correction generator or others equipment for mileage calibration , contact us! We have only qualitative, convenient and compact devices for winding a speedometer!

Please, fill out the order form to make the order and soon our managers will contact you!
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