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Question: Is it possible to find out after winding that the mileage was changed artificially instead of passing it by the car in reality?
Answer: No, it is impossible to find it out, if the correction was carried out by a qualitative device and the information was changed in all the units.
Question: Is it safe to make odometer recalibration?
Answer: If odometer recalibration is carried out in accordance with the Using rules of the correction device, it is completely safe.
Question: At what speed the correction of mileage is performed?
Answer: Up to 4500 km/h, but it should be noted that the rate of mileage correction is individual for each and every car.
Question: What kind of a rolling-up device is suitable for odometer data correction of my car?
Answer: The type of a suitable device for your car depends on the year of manufacture, country of origin, as well as on the type of transmission.
Question: What is the difference between CAN correction device and pulse generator?
Answer: The generator is designed for the vehicles produced in foreign countries with the year of manufacture up to 2006. CAN correction device is intended for the foreign vehicles produced after 2006, that is, for the cars that have CAN bus wiring.
Question: How much time is it required to wind the mileage?
Answer: From 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. The time depends on the amount of miles you need to roll up, the number of memory units your vehicle has, and on its make/model.
Question: How are payment and delivery of the device arranged?
Answer: First, you pay for the item, the next day we send it to you. You will also have to cover additional expenses for delivery if you choose any express delivery service.
Question: How much time does it take to deliver the item to my country?
Answer: It depends on the distance to your region. At average, the delivery by Russian Post takes from 3 weeks to a month. Anyway, if you need to get the item fast, you can choose express delivery service. The time of its delivery is from 2 to 7 days.
Question: Is it legal to change the car mileage?
Answer: Before you buy a device for mileage adjustment, every vehicle owner should clarify himself whether mileage correction is legal in his country of residence.
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