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Mileage Rollback, Odometer Back Correction

At the moment, we do not provide speedometer rolling back services, but here you can buy odometer correction devices.

Many motorists are interested in odometer back correction, or in other words, in rolling back mileage or turning back mileage. And this is not surprising, because there are enough reasons for speedometer rollback.

Here are the main reasons why vehicle owners sometimes need to roll back mileage:

  1. Odometer rollback is often required when replacing the old engine with a new one. If you do not roll back the mileage, it will turn out that the speedometer (odometer) displays the car mileage data of the old engine, but not the real mileage of the engine installed in the car at the moment. That is, in this case mileage rollback provides synchronization of the actual miles driven and the data displayed on the dash panel;
  2. The second situation when digital speedometer rollback or mechanical speedometer rollback is required is preparing the vehicle for sale. After all, potential buyers often pay attention not only to the year of manufacture and structural condition of the car, but also to the mileage. For the seller of the vehicle, odometer (speedometer) rollback provides additional benefits, allowing driving the price a little. And why not, if the car was used very gently and carefully? Sometimes the figures that reflect the speedometer (odometer) may just scare the buyer, although in reality, the car is in a very good condition;
  3. Another situation when drivers simply have to turn back mileage is a car accident where the driver of the other vehicle is guilty. Insurance companies often underestimate the amount of insurance payments to the innocent car driver. And for compensation of the car repair somehow, it is nothing left to do for the car owners, but to roll back the mileage to increase the payments;
  4. Some people need mileage rollback to obtain warranty repair of their car. After all, the motorists whose vehicles were purchased not earlier than three years ago, but whose car drove more than a hundred thousand miles cannot enjoy free warranty repair any longer. In order to use it, some drivers decide to turn back the speedometer to at least 99,000 miles, and then you will be able to receive the warranty service;
  5. In the case of employed drivers using company-provided vehicles, mileage rollback may be required, if, for example, the driver drove the company car somewhere for personal reasons and does not want to advertise it.

There are some other reasons, when speedometer rollback is required, but we have already listed the main ones above.


  • Well, first, you can try to turn back the speedometer on your own. What can we say? If you have any knowledge or skills in electronics and programming, you can try, but there is no guarantee that your efforts will be crowned with success;
  • The second variant: to apply for a special car service where you will be provided with speedometer rollback procedures;
  • And finally, the best option is to buy a device for speedometer (mileage) rollback. Having the mileage rollback device, you may decrease the speedometer data by the right amount of miles at any time. It is quite convenient, and if odometer rollback is required quite often, having bought a special speedometer tempering device, you can save funds..
At the moment, we do not provide speedometer rolling back services, but here you can buy odometer correction devices.
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